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Murzik Featured Monthly Artist!!

Murzik is lucky to be a featured artist this month for Parma licensing!   Check it out here!—Murzik.html?soid=1102643164994&aid=6pohBp3u9U4  

Independent Music Award

MN Remember’s Vic Chesnutt, which features Murzik covering “I’m Through” has been nominated for an independent music award. Read the Story Here  

8Tracks Radio

Reading and Murzik go together like a fine wine and aged cheese.  Perfect match made in heaven.  Favorited on this blog where people post music to read by.  Check it…

Coldfront Magazine

Coldfront Magazine wrote a piece about our song “Winters Night Waltz.”

Murzik on PiratePirate!

Murzik is on PiratePirate! promotion for a 6 week push of their latest album, A Cat Named Murzik!   Check it out here!!!

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Well, it’s about time.

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